Activities at and around the resort

Gili Air is a small island but there are endless activities you can do at and around the island. You can also enjoy a lot of activities close to Hakuna Matata. Our staff would love to tell you more about the possibilities when you arrive at our resort.
Enjoy snorkeling with turtles, scuba diving with reef sharks, riding the bike around the island, drinking a fresh coconut… and a lot more!

Girl snorkeling in Gili Air, turquoise transparent water

Snorkeling in front of the resort

The crystal clear waters surrounding Gili Air make snorkeling a must. You can snorkel in front of our resort but there are also several companies which offer organized snorkeling trips around the island(s). Just at the coast of Gili Meno (next to Gili Air) are sculptures on the bottom of the sea which you can explore while snorkeling. Once you put your goggles underwater, you will discover an entirely new world!

Unwind with a yoga session

Relax and unwind with several yoga classes available at various locations around the island. What could be better than unwinding your body and soul with a relaxing yoga class at sunrise or sunset?
Scuba diving with turtle in Gili Air

Scuba diving, for beginners and pro's

Gili Air are surrounded by the Gili Matra Marine Reserve which contain various kinds of fish and sea creatures. Next to turtles you can also expect to see reef sharks, rays, cuttlefish, octopuses, eels and thousands of reef fish swimming around the stunning coral reefs. The incredible diving and year round conditions make Gili Air one of the safest and best places to learn how to dive.

Paddle surf in Gili Air

Paddle boarding

The water around the Gili Islands is crystal clear and ankle to waist deep for miles. There is plenty of room for paddlers of all levels and the conditions are perfect to paddle around the island. You can hire paddles close to Hakuna Matata and also take lessons.
Balinese massage

Take a massage at the resort

Take your time and relax with a Balinese massage. Not only is a massage a perfect way to treat sore muscles, but it is also a moment to step out of the rush of sightseeing and to experience a moment of doing nothing.
Sunset in Gili Air

Enjoy the sunset from our beach club or restaurant

Hakuna Matata is located on the north part of the island where you can enjoy the sunset every day. From our beach club or restaurant you can see beautiful sunset view. If you also want to enjoy the sunrise on Gili Air, you just have to walk or bicycle to the other side of the island which is about 15 minutes away from Hakuna Matata.